How To Start Your Jeweller’s Bench at Home

How To Start Your Jeweller’s Bench at Home

Silver Works tutor, Steph shares her advice for starting your jeweller’s bench at home.

I feel like no matter where you start you end up becoming a collector of jewellery tools. You get a bit obsessed with each one and it never ends. 

There are so many different bits and bobs you can get for your bench. You generally become a bit of a maverick when you don’t have something you need. I never thought wire hangers would come in handy for so many things, Soldering picks or a makeshift hanging rail for my pliers. 

So where to start then? Let’s start with the basics 

The most important tools for your Jeweller’s Bench are your piercing saw and your bench peg.

You can keep these pretty simple to start and upgrade as you go.  With your saw frame, there are some absolutely beautiful hand saws out there to pick from, like the ones from Greenlion Jewellers.

I started with a pretty basic saw frame and it has done me so well for the past few years. 

Make your own

Saw Blade 2/0 are a great start for beginners. I don’t know how many I broke when I first started piercing so don’t get disheartened. It’s extremely annoying but you get used to the strength and how far you can push a blade before it breaks.

Make your own

When I was choosing a bench peg I didn’t have a full scale bench so I really needed something I could put anywhere I needed to work. I went through a few at first as they would end up moving around a lot ( absolutely nightmare) , you do end up putting a lot of pressure on your bench peg so ideally you want something that won’t budge. 

I found this one great to work with and the cast iron anvil is such a plus.

Make your own

We hope this introduction to the basic tools needed to start your own work bench at home has sparked an interest in creating your own. 


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