Forge a Gold Ring FAQ's

All of your questions answered in one place

Do we need prior experience to do this class?

Absolutely not! This is a fun, interactive class designed for anyone to take part in! We teach you from scratch.


Do we get to keep the ring at the end?

Yes you do! It’s your ring to love and cherish after the class


I have someone under the age of 18 that wants to take part, can they?

Yes absolutely, this class can be attended by people as young as 10. However, anyone under the age of 16 does need to be accompanied by an adult.  We use hand tools such as hammers and files that could potentially hurt them so we need you there to watch over and help them.


Can I come and watch my partner/friend/family member make the ring but not take part?

We can’t guarantee that there will be space for you, as classes get very booked up, however if there is space you can pay an accompanying fee of €25 to watch the class, but not make a ring.


I have a beautiful stone I would like to set it in the ring, can I?

Unfortunately gem setting is quite hard and not something that we can cover in our 2 hour classes. However if you can either send us a photo by email or bring it along with you, we can get you a quote. We have some fabulous setters who can almost definitely do this for you. It takes around 3 weeks to get this set for you,


Can you get me a stone and set it for me?

Yes! Simply send us an email with the stone and dimensions you would like and we can get you a quote. Leave your ring with us after the class and we will get it done for you. Stone setting normally takes 3 weeks on top of finding the stone for you.


I would like to customise my ring with letters – can I do this?

Unfortunately even though engraving seems simple- this isn’t something that can be done in class. However, we do now offer a next working day offer whereby leave your ring with us and we will engrave it for you for €30, and you can collect it the next day! If you would like it posted out, that is also fine, we would just add the cost of postage, which registered in Ireland would be €10, and registered to the rest of the world would be €15. The cost is based on a simple initial/name/short phrase, if you would like something more complicated engraved on we will need to quote you on this first.


I don’t like the thickness of the band, can I make my ring thinner or thicker? 

We offer a standard 4mm size band or a 2mm square wire band- which you can texture and finish any many different ways! Unfortunately as we have to order in the gold especially these are all the options of width that we can offer for this class


Can one of our group do the forge a ring class and one of us do the charm class?

Unfortunately not, as they are two very different procedures, they are really two separate classes that need 2 separate teachers.