Virtual Team Building

What better way to get to know your work crowd than an evening of fun and creativity. 

Virtual Team Building

We know that many of you, including ourselves, have had to adapt to working from home. Between zoom meetings, never ending emails and a phone that just won’t stop ringing, it can be difficult to enjoy any of the social and personal chats with our colleagues that we used to take for granted before COVID changed the way we live.

Silver Works now offers Virtual Team Building to bring you all together for some fun in a safe space where you can forget all the troubles of today and learn a cool new skill.

Virtual Team Building options

  • Forge your own Silver Ring Class
  • Make your own charm with your initial
  • Wax carving class

Forge your own Ring Class

Our ‘Forge your Own Ring’ class, pictured above, is our most popular class. It’s the perfect starter activity to get your group chatting, laughing & creating.

Make your own Silver Charm with your initial

This class runs approx.1.5 hours, which is great if your day is against the clock. Wear it yourself or if you can bear to part with it, why not add it onto a charm bracelet for the Bride To Be? A beautiful token of your friendship & the precious time you’ve spent together.

Wax Carving Class

This class runs approx.1.5 hours, which is great if your day is against the clock.

You start by thinking about what it is you would like to create your own design. We would recommend having an idea in mind with some images or simple sketches to articulate your idea, as this will make the most out of your class time that you have with your experienced Tutor.

Virtual Group Prices

Ring Making

6-20 people – €55 per person

Silver Charm/Keyring Making

6-20 people – €40 per person

Wax Carving Class

10-19 people – €35 per person


For larger numbers please email us directly.

Please note, we book up fast! If you’d like to check a possible date with us, just drop us a line at and we will get back to you!

Let Silver Works bring the party to you?

We will bring the fun to your own location and your group can relax in a place of your choosing – available to the wax carving class only.


  • Minimum 10 people. MAX 30 people. 
  • We need to know how many extra tables and chairs we need to bring.
  • It must be in a bright room, and everyone needs to be seated at some kind of table.
  • €50 call out fee that includes up to 1 hour driving.

Upgrade Options


Return your wax carving to us and we will take your carving to professional casters to have it cast, (you can also opt for solid yellow, white or rose gold for an additional price) – Sterling Silver Casting – €60 for the ring and €40 for the charm.

Finishing touches

Once your piece is ready, we will collect it from the Casters and one of our Industry Experts will polish your ring and clean it up so that it’s ready for you to wear! Once it’s complete, it will be delivered by registered post to your chosen address! Please note we will return your finished ring to you within 3 – 4 weeks of us receiving your wax carving.

Don’t worry, there is no previous experience required and we will send each of you, everything that you will need! All you have to do, is pour yourself a drink and click on the link to have a bit of craic with your besties and celebrate this special time in her life!

If you need any more information on our Virtual Team Building please email us at with a preferred date and time and we’ll get back to you!

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