5 Week Wax Carve Course - Learn & Develop

Make your own ring or pendant & have it cast into sterling silver!

Our wax carving class is perfect place to start if you want to give wax carving a try or wish to refresh and develop your skills further!

We understand how daunting it is to start something new & how easy it is to lose it, if you don’t use it 😊

We pride ourselves on small intimate classes, this is so that you feel comfortable in your new explorations.

Our teachers can really get to know you and help and guide you through each class.

What is wax carving and how does it work?

For centuries, Jewellery artisans have been sculpting their own Jewellery designs from wax!

You start by thinking about what it is you would like to create, you can bring your ideas into your first class or even email them on beforehand to get some feedback before you come in! We would recommend having an idea in mind with some images or simple sketches to articulate your idea, as this will make the most out of your class time that you have with your experienced Tutor!

You have the option to design a ring or a pendant. Once your design is clear, the Tutor will then show you, using different techniques, how to carve and file your design into the piece of wax. The wax is smoother and much nicer to work with rather than carving within the silver directly, this is why this technique is often used within the industry.

Once you’re finished carving your design, it’s then ready to be cast!!


We then take your carving to professional casters who take a mould of your design. They then pour the silver into your mold to create your piece of Jewellery. 

The finished touches

Once your piece has been returned, it will need to be polished, cleaned up and your gemstone added so it’s ready to wear!

How long does the course run for?

We offer a 5 week course, please see below for the next available course.


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