The Beginners Guide to Jewellery Making

Today we wanted to explain a little more about the term ‘stone setting’.

This is something we teach in several of our classes, including our One Day Gemstone Setting Class, Introduction to Jewellery Making Class and our Improvers Jewellery Making class.

Stone setting is simply the process of a gemstone being securely attached into the jewellery setting – usually the last part of the process. While there are many different variations of gem setting, we focus on flush setting and bezel setting within our classes.

Let’s shift the focus to Flush setting for now.

This is a technique of setting a gemstone into a drilled hole so that the gemstone sits inside of the jewellery and doesn’t show above the surface of the piece. Flush setting is a skill that requires accuracy and practice. This is why our 5 week courses and One Day Gemstone Setting Classes factor in plenty of time to practise before setting your gemstones into your final sterling silver piece.


A bezel setting is a technique used for enclosing a diamond or gemstone within a piece of jewellery, where the metal securely wraps around the stone. It’s one of the oldest types of stone setting and is often seen in antique or antique-inspired jewellery. The biggest benefit of a bezel setting is their security due to the setting fully surrounding the stone.


Our classes are open to all learning stages and you’ll have the help and guidance of our experienced goldsmith and tutor who will be there to guide you.

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