Make An Initialed Silver Charm or Pendant

Make your own sterling silver charm and wear as a necklace or add to a charm bracelet!


The class is a 10 step process as follows..

1. Choose from 8 different shapes including, circular disc, diamond, square, heart, star, flower, pear and rectangle.

2. Then you will use a cutter to cut out your chosen shape.

3. File the edges of your cut out disk or shape, so it safe and has professionally finished edges.

4. Emery (sandpaper) both sides of the your charm shape to prepare it for your design

5. Learn different hammering techniques to create different textures - then choose what look you want yours to have!

6. Using stamp letters, you can now add the initial(s) you want to your charm.

7. Our expert will then demonstration how to drill a hole in the top of your charm, where it will connect to a bracelet or necklace once completed

8. They will also demonstrate soldering a charm bail on it using professional techniques

9. Now you decided if you want your charm to be super sparkly or have a edgy matte look, our expert will advice on how to achieve both finishes with a polishing machine.

10. Take it step further and use platinol (this makes the unpolished areas look black like a shadow so it stands out more!) then we polish it off after for you!

That's it your charm has been handmade by you! Add it to your necklace to wear as a pendant or add it to your charm bracelet as a keepsake of a time well spent! 

If you wish to purchase a necklace to add it to, we offer special discounts for our class goers :)

If you wish to create your charm/ pendant in yellow, rose or white gold you can do so for an additional cost, please note we will need at least a weeks notice in order to order this into the studio for you.