Ring Sizing

The most important part, is that it fits

Ring Sizing

If you know your size then great! If not we recommend purchasing our Ring Sizing Kit. If you are outside Ireland you can download the ring sizing app by Jason Withers, which uses an existing ring to get your exact size. You can download here for IOS & Android

Ring Sizing Kit

The best way to get your ring size is by using our Ring Sizing Kit which we will post anywhere in Ireland for only 5. This kit can be used to get an exact ring size for any ring.

If buying as a gift:

On an average lady:

  • Her little finger would be a G/H
  • Her ring finger would be a M/N
  • Her middle/forefinger/thumb would be O/P

On an average man:

  • His little finger would be L/M
  • His ring finger would be P/Q
  • His middle/forefinger would be S/T