SUSTAINABILITY at silver works


For us, sustainability in our jewellery making workshops is about making conscious choices at every step of the process to minimize environmental impact and promote a more sustainable jewellery industry as best we can.


We proudly incorporate recycled metals and casting grains into our jewellery workshops, giving new life to old materials.


We utilize ethically sourced gemstones in our workshops, ensuring they come from mines committed to fair and responsible practices.


Employing eco-conscious packaging and compostable cups in our operations, because every detail counts in our journey toward a greener future.


Our jewellery making team plays a vital role in maintaining our sustainability standards by using recycled materials and integrating waste-reduction methods into our production process.


We integrate sustainability into our curriculum by educating students about ethical sourcing, environmental impact, and responsible production methods, inspiring students to incorporate these principles into their own designs.


Support the local economy by employing members of our community within our local team who in return can offer repair and refurbishment services to our past students to extend the lifespan of their beautiful handmade jewellery.

“Embracing sustainable jewellery making is akin to becoming an eco-conscious superhero, responsibly adorning with recycled metals, and giving gems a renewed life.”

Designing sustainable jewellery involves creating eco-friendly wearable art that sparkles with conscience, using materials that align with the planet’s well-being.