Everything You Need To Know About Our 5 Week Wax Carving Course 

Everything You Need To Know About Our 5 Week Wax Carving Course 

Have you heard of wax carving but not sure what it is or how to do it? Let’s break it down…

What is wax carving?

Wax carving is an ancient tradition in jewellery making which dates back as far as 6000 years. It’s a great place to start with your jewellery making skills because it gives plenty of freedom to experiment with an affordable material. With wax carving, you’re also able to make a more diverse range of shapes that would otherwise be difficult to achieve with traditional sheet metal and wire.

How it works?

Starting with a lump of wax, you saw and file it down into the shape you want, something like a sculptor working with stone. Once you’ve finished your wax carving, it’s then sent to a caster to be cast into your metal of choice. We mostly offer silver casting at Silver Works but we love hearing your ideas so feel free to ask questions and share design ideas.

What can you make?

Well, we’re glad you asked…Here are a few pieces made by one of our tutors, Steph while using wax carving to create jewellery for her own brand, Authentic Paranoia.  We’re a little obsessed…

What can you make in our classes?

Again, so glad you asked because we’re pretty proud of our students and their wax carving creations. Check out some of the Silver Works Hall of Fame pieces below. These are all pieces made by customers using our at home Wax Carving kit or by students who have attended our Wax Carving Course. 

So what do you think? Ready to book the Forge Your Own Silver Ring Class? Or would you still like to learn more?

If you’re ready to book, great! Click here for available dates and choose one that suits you best. We can’t wait to meet you and get started!

We’re now running a 5 week Wax Carving Class to take you through the entire process.

You’ll learn all the basic skills needed for traditional wax carving techniques.


On completion of this wax carving course, you will have:

  • Chosen your design
  • Learn and understand all the techniques necessary for carving your design into wax
  • Have your pieces sent off for casting.
  • Post casting preparation and polishing, ensuring your pieces are ready to wear


Our next 5 week Wax Carving Course kicks off on:


Every Sunday for 5 weeks until Sunday 17th October

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How To Plan A Creative Day Out On Drury Street, Dublin

How To Plan A Creative Day Out On Drury Street, Dublin

Here at SilverWorks we’re lucky to call Drury Street, Dublin’s Creative Quarter, home and have done so since 2017. Over the years, Drury Street has become one of the trendiest locations in the city, an area where independent coffee shops, vintage shops and those like us, dedicated to showcasing top quality Irish design reign supreme.

As Dublin starts opening up once again and we’re all itching to get out of the house, here’s a roundup of things to do on a Creative Day Out in Dublin within Dublin’s Creative Quarter.


Book A Class at Silver Works

Keep building on those creative skills you worked so hard to cultivate over lockdown and spend the weekend making your own jewellery at one of our Silver Works classes. Whether it’s our Forge A Ring Class, our expert tutors will guide you through step-by-step to create your own bespoke piece of jewellery. Spend the day laughing and learning with friends and walk away treasuring the fact that you’ve just added one totally unique piece to your jewellery collection.


Browse new collections at The Collective

With both of our sister brands – The Collective and Silver Works – in the same building. It’s hard to resist a quick browse of our stock at The Collective on your way out the door. With our stock of over 30 independent Irish designers, we have got everything from sparkling gems and jewellery to vibrant prints and homewares. Treat yourself and relish in the joy of supporting local talent.



Grab a coffee in Kaph

All that creativity and concentration from making jewellery calls for a caffeine refuel. It seems you’re in luck with go-to coffee spot, Kaph just a few doors down from The Collective. And for the non-coffee drinkers, rumour has it that they make a killer Matcha Latte too.


Stock up on vintage styles at Om Diva

Did someone say more shopping? You don’t have to ask us twice. Arguably one of the best vintage shops in the city, Om Diva also sells a curation of clothes from exciting emerging Irish designers upstairs. The bright colours, vibrant energy and creative team will leave you feeling energised and inspired all weekend long.


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“I have no idea what to make. Help!”

“I have no idea what to make. Help!”

Our most frequently asked questions usually come back to two things:

  1. Do I need experience in making jewellery to attend Silver Works classes? (in case you’re wondering, no, not at all!)
  2. I have no idea what to make. Help! I need some inspiration. 

Today we’re here to answer the latter. First up, check out our instagram – we share lots of insights into our workshops, including some of the beautiful creations other customers have made in the workshop or using the Ring Carving Kit. You can also browse Pinterest for design ideas. 

To show what is possible using our Ring Carving Kits and through attending our workshops, we wanted to share with you some of the creations people have already made using it.

Silverworks - 5 Rings in a row b


The beauty of jewellery making is that no two pieces are identical – what you create is a true reflection of you, your style and your hands!  You can now check out some of the rings made using the Kit in our Silver Works Hall of Fame below.

With the easy step by step tutorials included in the kit and workshops you will learn everything you need to know about the basics of wax carving. Those who have done it already have left glowing reviews! See what they have been saying below:

“A novel and delightful way to explore and express your creativity in a lock down. The kit is comprehensive and the tutorials are detailed and easily accessible online for whenever suits your timetable. Great support and fast responses to enquiries. I can’t wait to attend a class in person to expand my skills. Highly recommended.” – Joseph Bonham

“Great Lockdown experience learning and working from home. Took me a while to shape the wax to my design but good fun trying it and my ring has turned out beautifully. Great conversation piece and I’m planning to make some nice presents.” – J.S.

To read more about it and to get your own Ring Carving Kit, click here

And if our Ring carving workshops have caught your eye, click here for further details and booking options. 


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The History of Silversmithing in Ireland

The History of Silversmithing in Ireland

The History of Silversmithing in Ireland

The history of silversmithing in Ireland is one that is steeped in anciency, and embroiled in conflict. For centuries, Irish silversmiths have created beautiful designs out of silver. As time went on, through the 17th century all the way through to the Celtic Revival, Ireland’s silversmiths have reinterpreted and innovated European trends to create our own distinct visual identity. Jewellery and silverware from across cities in Ireland even bore their own stamps, and featured their own unique individual style. 

For centuries our historical art remained hidden, kept safe during the plundering of Vikings and eventually forgotten in time. Their all-too-recent rediscovery has restored a fragment of our history integral to our artistic roots, and indeed, a key to understanding the true history of Ireland. 

The survival of Irish silver through the centuries forms the basis of inspiration for much of our contemporary jewellery, and also of the Silver Works jewellery making courses – sharing our expertise in our workshops allows us to keep this ancient craft alive, not just amongst our silversmiths but for anyone with a love for all things shiny and an itch to work with their hands! 

With our silversmiths leading the way, we want to keep this tradition alive and share an ancient Irish craft with locals and explorers alike. Whether you’re an aspiring silversmith looking to take our jewellery making courses, a bride-to-be looking for an eclectic Hens Night or simply a romantic soul who wants to make an engagement ring with your loved one, we truly have something for everyone. 

It’s truly something special, knowing that centuries on from the original master silversmiths establishing their trades, we have the opportunity to gather and spread the joy of our craft- And how beautiful, to think that a ring you have forged with your own hands, will survive through generations? 


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Oh Mother! A gift guide for an unconventional Mother’s Day

Oh Mother! A gift guide for an unconventional Mother’s Day


Oh Mother! A gift guide for an unconventional Mother’s Day




There’s no getting around it, folks. This Mother’s Day will be an unconventional one. With many of us away from the exceptional ladies in our lives, it’s going to be tough not to spend the day together. There are those of us who have returned to the nest, taken under our mothers’ wings in a time of crisis. And it’s vital to remember the amazing women who are navigating motherhood during the pandemic. 


It’s when times are toughest that the mothers in our lives roll up their sleeves and make things work.  So now is the time to show our appreciation with something special- Because now more than ever, we all need a reminder of our beauty and our resilience. 


That’s where The Collective comes in. We have picked our most unique pieces of Irish jewellery from our artisan designers, ranging from handmade jewellery to custom and bespoke pieces. We’re also excited to share our range of unique gifts from craft designers across Ireland. 

Silverworks - Jewellery Makiing Classes - Pendant

The Mini Moon & Moon Silver Pendant from Cosmic Boulevard

Oh my stars! This pendant from Cosmic Boulevard is an example of Irish independent art, created by Sinead Murphy from her Dublin workshop. The moon is our universally understood symbol for motherhood-  the divine feminine strength that brings the tide and captures our hearts. Sinead’s work is primarily made from recycled metals, making this necklace the perfect gift for that super-resourceful lady in your life!

Silverworks - Jewellery Makiing Classes - Bath Bombs

I AM…Bath Bombs from Dublin Herbalist

Listen. It’s been a hard year. We know! And we’ve got you. This is one for the new mammies, the mamas to be, and the mothers working from home and making it work. 

These six vegan, artisan bath bombs from Dublin Herbalist are self-care in a box, during a year when ‘me time’ has become a precious commodity. This gorgeous box from Dublin Herbalist is the perfect excuse for the hardworking lady in your life to engage in some hardcore pampering.

Silverworks - Jewellery Makiing Classes - voltaire

Voltaire Print by Ali P

This print from Ali P is one for the ladies with resilience! Ali P is an artist living in Lisburn in beautiful Northern Ireland. Their artwork is joyful and imbued with inspirational, positive messages. The Voltaire print carries this delight not only through its well-timed words, but through its vibrancy! 

These are just a few picks from our extensive Jewellery, Home and Art & Print ranges. Come explore a bit more and find the perfect gift for what will truly be an unconventional Mother’s Day! And don’t forget to pick up a card too!


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