Wedding Ring Class FAQ's

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Wedding Ring Class FAQ’s


Do we need prior experience to do this class?

No! This is designed for complete beginners. Our teachers will make sure you are totally delighted with your wedding band. After all it is designed to last a life time!

It says 1 participant when booking, however is this the price for the 2 of us?

Yes! Sorry we know its a bit confusing its just how the system works. It is €350 for the 2 of you, and this includes the price of silver, the price of gold is extra and is on the main wedding band page.

Can I make the rings in solid gold?

Yes of course, there is an extra cost you can check this on the main wedding band page.

Are the prices for the gold per ring or for 2?

The gold price quotes are for 1 ring only.

What information do I need to provide before the wedding ring workshop?

We need to know the following at least 2 weeks before your workshop. Just email us the following design decisions.

1. Metal

2. Width

3. Shape (plain, curved, wishbone)

Can we make platinum rings?

Unfortunately we cannot offer platinum in the wedding ring workshop as we do not have a torch hot enough to solder it.

White gold rings and Rhodium plating

Even though white gold rings have a fabulous colour, many people opt to get the ring rhodium plated giving the ring that beautiful white colour. There is an extra charge for €30 for this service.

I have a stone I would like to set in this class, can I?

Unfortunately this isn’t a stone setting class, it is difficult skill to learn and we cover the basic band in this class. However we can get stones set for you at an extra cost after the class.

I would like to engrave some letters into my jewellery, can I?

We don’t have the tools for engraving and it really is a different skill altogether, however we can send it off to get it engraved for you. This costs approx €30 per piece depending on what you would like engraved. We can give you an exact quote once we have more details from you.

How do I pay for my extras?

Once you have decided your design a payment link will be sent to you by email.

Please let us know when you have made the payment and we can send you a receipt.