Forge Your Own Wedding Rings

Some things are forever

An experience of a lifetime

Make your own unique wedding ring in our specially designed 4 hour wedding ring workshop!

Never made jewellery before? No problem! You will be guided through the workshop with our expert tutors to make your bespoke rings.

Design Decisions

  • Metal Choice – Sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold.
  • Width – How wide do you want your band? 2mm – 8mm
  • Shape – What profile do you want for your ring? Choose from D – Shape, Court , Oval or Round.
  • Style and Finish – Hammered texture or polished finish?
  • Engraving – Would you like a name, date and or bespoke engraving?
  • Stone Setting – What stone/s would you like and how many?

These choices must be decided at least 2 weeks before the workshop start date so we can order your precious metal and stones and have them ready for you.

What’s included?

Here are the extras that are included in every one of our Wedding Ring Workshops.


Each design option has been expertly chosen for this workshop.


 We provide complimentary tea, coffee and plenty of chocolate to get you through the workshop.
At the end we will polish your rings while you enjoy a glass of bubbly.


 On the first Saturday of every month from 2-6pm.
Please note if it happens to fall on a bank holiday the workshop is held on the following weekend.


 The workshop costs €350 per couple. 


Sterling silver is included in the class price and you can choose from any of our gold options for an additional cost.

Metal Options & Gold Prices

Here you can get a guide to what your ring may cost in different metals.

Sterling Silver

Included in workshop cost. 

9K Yellow Gold

 2mm round - €155 || 2mm square - €191
3mm - €225 || 4mm - €288
 5mm - €353 || 6mm - €417

18K Yellow Gold

 2mm round - €356 || 2mm square - €451
3mm - €543 || 4mm - €714
 5mm - €885 || 6mm - €1,052

9K White Gold

 2mm round - €167 || 2mm square - €208
3mm - €257 || 4mm - €330
 5mm - €406 || 6mm - €480

18K White Gold

 2mm round - €469 || 2mm square - €592
3mm - €655 || 4mm - €863
 5mm - €1,070 || 6mm - €1,274

9K Rose Gold

 2mm round - €152|| 2mm square - €188
3mm - €208 || 4mm - €268
 5mm - €325 || 6mm - €384

18K Rose Gold

 2mm round - €355|| 2mm square - €4647
3mm - €494 || 4mm - €647
 5mm - €800 || 6mm - €955

Shape Options

We have many different shape options for you to choose from. 



Straight edges and flat sides 

D Shape

 The classic wedding band which is curved on the outside and flat on the inside.


 Also known as a comfort fit ring which is curved on the outside and inside.


 Continous round curve. This options suits only the 2mm and 3mm options.

Styles & Finishes

You can choose between 7 different styles and finishes with the main ones being Hammer textures and different variants of polishing. 

Flat Hammer

Small Dimple/Gold Ball

Tree Bark

No Hammer Texture

High Shine Polish

Matte Polish

Satin Finish

Width Options

This refers to how wide you want your wedding band to be.

Here are the recommended shapes and widths: 

  • Flat Shape – 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm.
  • D Shape –  2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm.
  • Oval Shape – 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
  • Starting depth for 2mm rings are 2mm
  • Starting depth for 3mm – 8mm rings are 1.5mm – 1.65mm.



Shaped Wedding Bands

Curved Shape

In our workshop we can guide you through making a bespoke curve to fit around your engagement ring. This wedding band will not be a fitted style but it will flow around the stone of your engagement ring. We recommend making this style ring with a 2mm width and maximum 3mm width in a round shape.

Twisted Shape

We can also do a twist in your wedding band with a maximum width of 4mm. This style works best with the flat shape



Need a date, words or bespoke pattern? 

We can send your beautiful handmade wedding rings to an expert engraver. The lead time for this is 2 weeks.

  • Cost for engraving date or initials: €25
  • Cost for engraving both date and initials: €30
  • Cost for engraving a bespoke pattern: €70


Stone Setting

Would you like a stone in your wedding band?

We can send your beautiful handmade ring to a skilled stone setter. The lead time for this is 2 weeks.We recommend starting with a 2mm depth metal for this option. The type of setting we can do for you is a flush set with a round stone. 

  • 2mm bands – 1.75mm Stone
  • 3mm bands – 2.75mm Stone
  • 4mm bands – 2.75mm Stone
  • 5mm bands – 2.75mm Stone
  • 6mm bands – 3.75mm Stone
  • 7mm bands – 3.75mm Stone
  • 8mm bands – 3.75mm Stone

Note: For sterling silver rings it is not recommenced to set diamonds in them. Please get in touch for stone prices.


Our Reviews

Brian and myself were excited to design and make our own unique wedding bands. Audrey was so giving with her knowledge and expertise. We had plenty of time and communication before the class to really discover exactly what we both wanted our finished bands to look like.

The day itself was so amazing and one I won’t ever forget. Audrey was attentive and made everything fun too. Even after with finishing touches and during these crazy times of the pandemic always kept us informed of progress. So Excited to wear them now If you are interested in anyway I’d encourage you to do it or even just get in contact. Review link

Anna Duffy

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