Ring Carving Kit by Silver Works

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Silver Works, ‘The Experience Creators’ brings to you their first-ever virtual experience so that you can enjoy creating your own ring from the comfort of your own home!

Designed by Jewellers and Goldsmiths this Ring Carving Kit will supply you with the tools and knowledge to create your own ring!

What’s inside your Kit

  • Ring Box
  • 1 Wax Ring and 1 wax piece to practice on
  • Emery paper
  • Double-sided wax file
  • Wax Carving Tool
  • Ring Sizing Kit
  • A password to your online tutorials


Ring Sizing

Before you buy your kit its very important to know your ring size. If you know your size then great! If not then please visit our Ring Sizing Page and then add your ring size in the message box at checkout.

You can also buy our Ring Sizing Kit for only €5 including postage in Ireland which will give your exact ring size. When you have your exact ring size please enter into it the Order Notes section of our checkout process.


What is wax carving and how does it work?

For centuries, Jewellery artisans have been sculpting their own Jewellery designs from wax!

Once you have your kit and start your tutorial, our incredible Tutor will teach you, using different techniques, how to carve and file your design into the piece of wax. The wax is smoother and much nicer to work with rather than silver, the buttery material of the wax allows you to create textures and designs that you can’t create with metal. The wax is more sculptural and organic and this is why this technique is often used within the industry.

Once you’ve finished carving your design you can send it back to us to have it cast and finished with a polished or matte appearance. This option is included within the €135. If you’d rather just buy the wax kit without the casting option, this will be €65 which you can enquire about via email to enquiries@silverworks.ie.

We also now offer an additional piece of wax for only €5, so you can practise on this piece before starting your masterpiece. You can add this option when you have added a kit to your cart. 


Return your wax carving to us and we will take your carving to professional casters who take a mould of your design. They then pour the silver into your mould to create your piece of Jewellery. (you can also opt for solid yellow, white or rose gold for an additional price)

The finishing touches

Once your piece is ready, we will collect it from the Casters and one of our Industry Experts will polish your ring and clean it up so that it’s ready for you to wear!

Once it’s complete, it will be delivered by registered post to your chosen address!


Gift box measurements: 24.5cm x 19.4cm Depth is 2.4 cm

If you have any further questions or queries please email info@silverworks.ie

4 in stock

How long does it take to dispatch?

We try to post out your kit within 2 working days of receiving your order.

How long does it take before i receive my ring back?

It takes approx 4 weeks to get your finished ring back to you. We are a small team and your ring has quite a few stages to go through first- it gets sent off to a casters, it is shipped back to us.

We hand finish/size and polish it. If you have asked for any extra procedures such as gold plating or engraving it will take a further 2 weeks as again it has to be sent off for this work to be carried out.

I would like my ring to be gold plated is this possible?

Yes! You can choose either rose or yellow gold plating on your order form when you send it back in.

We will get it gold plated in 2 microns of 18ct gold plate for you. It costs an extra €30 we will send you a payment link once we have received your ring back.

Can I get my ring cast in solid gold?

Yes! We would need the exact weight of the ring to give you a quote, as it is based on this, so just send it back into us we will get you a quote and you can make your decision.

Just to give you a rough idea though- a delicate ring would be around €400 and a chunky ring would be around €900 in 9ct yellow or rose gold. 18ct is approx double the price.

Can I get it engraved?

Yes! Just write a note of what you would like on your order form and we will get back to you with a quote. To give you a rough idea it is around €30 for a small amount of writing.

Can I get a gemstone set in it?

Yes! Please write on your order form what stone you would like, with a diagram of where you would like it set and the stone size and we will get back to you with a quote.

If you have your own stone you want set in it- send us a photo of it by email first with its size so we can check it is possible and give you a quote.

Can I cast my second wax ring?

Yes you can! Just send it back in together with the original ring and we will process them together.

It will cost an extra €60- we will send you a payment link for this once we receive it back.

My ring is feeling too thick can you thin it out?

Unfortunately not, its really important you have a good feel of the ring you’ve made in wax, and make sure you are happy with it. As it will be exactly the same when it is cast into silver, if it feels too thick then file some more off it.

If you want us to send you on another wax ring then you can order another one and you can order an extra finished ring too.

I have lost my ring do you keep a mould?

Unfortunately not. No moulds are made of the ring, it is simply cast directly from your wax. You can order another piece of wax and you can order an extra finished ring too.

Can you resize my ring?

If your finger has changed size or you read the ring sizer wrong we can resize for you, it costs €40+ postage. If it needs to be re-gold plated again after the resize it is an extra €25

Can I get it repolished?

Yes! We can repolish it, it costs €35 + Postage and if it needs gold plating again its an extra €25

Does gold plating wear off?

Yes! Unfortunately, even though the gold plating we put on is as thick as it gets there are no guarantees in gold plating.

This is due to the fact plating can come off due to things outside of our control- whether you take it off to wash your hands, whether chemicals such as perfumes get on it and general wear and tear. We can replate it for you, it costs €25 + postage.

Can my ring be posted abroad?

Yes! Just write on the order form where you want it sent to we will find out the additional cost and will send you a payment link for the difference

JS , Jan 2021

“Great Lockdown experience learning and working from home. Took me a while to shape the wax to my design but good fun trying it and my ring has turned out beautifully. Great conversation piece and I’m planning to make some nice presents.

Joesph Bonham, Mar 2021

“A novel and delightful way to explore and express your creativity in a lock down. The kit is comprehensive and the tutorials are detailed and easily accessible online for whenever suits your timetable. Great support and fast responses to enquiries. I can’t wait to attend a class in person to expand my skills. Highly recommended.”

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