Did you know that engaging in creative activities, even just colouring in, improves brain function, mental health and your physical health? At this time of year, many of us are ready to hunker down and hibernate with the dark nights and cold temperatures calling us to cosy up and embrace the creative, wholesome afternoons spent indoors. 

Well actually, we improvised on the latter part but we’re firm believers in there being no time like the present to embrace creativity. And now there are studies to back us up. The theory of cognition tells us about the principle of being creative as a basis of human life.  So how does doodling or learning new creative skills like jewellery making, make you healthy? Let’s break it down…

Boosts your immune system

Time to work on your penmanship and whip out that journal. Although experts aren’t totally clear on how, writing increases your CD4+ lymphocyte count, the key to your immune system. Sceptical? It sounds a bit mad but the studies are there to back it up. The studies show that people who write about their experiences daily, actually have stronger immune systems.

Improves mental health

Perhaps the most relatable health benefit of creativity is its ability to calm our minds. The average person has 60,000 thoughts per day. Taking time to do something creative like knitting, sewing, making jewellery helps to focus the mind with its calming effects even  being compared to meditation when doing activities like those, we experience a release of dopamine, a natural antidepressant. 

To take the mental health benefits  step further, creativity has also been shown to help process trauma. While writing can be used to manage negative emotions, painting and drawing can help people to process experiences or trauma that they struggle to articulate with words. 

Reduces dementia

The results of the theory of cognition study, specifically explores how creativity and art stimulates dementia patients. The study shows that

“creative activity can reduce depression and isolation, offering the power of choice and decisions. Towards the end of life, art and creativity offer a path of opening up the windows to people’s emotional interiors.”

It’s amazing that getting into the creative flow is actually proven to be good for us in more ways than providing entertainment for an afternoon. 

If you’re feeling inspired to start getting more creative, grab a pal or plan a solo date for yourself at one of our jewellery making classes or courses. Find out more about available classes here.