Celebrating Irish Heritage: Our Claddagh Ring Workshop

Celebrating Irish Heritage: Our Claddagh Ring Workshop

 Claddagh Ring Workshop at Silver Works Dublin

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful way to express your love and commitment? Have you always been fascinated by the Claddagh ring and its rich history? Then join us for our Claddagh ring making workshop!

What is a Claddagh Ring?

The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring that features two hands holding a heart, topped with a crown. The design symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship, making it the perfect way to express your affection for a loved one or to honour your own Irish heritage.

The Claddagh ring has since become a beloved Irish tradition, with many people wearing it as a symbol of their heritage and as a reminder of the importance of love, loyalty, and friendship. Today, the ring is often given as a gift to loved ones or as a token of friendship. It is also used as a wedding ring, with the design representing the commitment of the couple to each other.


claddagh ring



The History of the Claddagh Ring

The history of the Claddagh ring is rooted in Irish folklore and dates back more than 300 years. The story of the Claddagh ring begins in the small fishing village of Claddagh, located just outside the city of Galway in Ireland. The ring was first created in the early 1700s by a local goldsmith named Richard Joyce. According to legend, Joyce was captured by pirates and sold into slavery in North Africa. During his captivity, Joyce learned the art of goldsmithing and created the first Claddagh ring.

After being released from slavery, Joyce returned to his hometown of Claddagh and presented the ring to his true love. The ring became a popular symbol of love and loyalty among the locals, and it soon spread throughout Ireland.


What happens in our Claddagh Ring Workshop

Our workshop will be led by experienced teachers who will guide you through the process of making your very own Claddagh ring. You will learn the traditional techniques used to create these beautiful rings, including soldering, shaping, and polishing.

No experience is necessary, and all materials will be provided. You will begin with a Claddagh Ring strip and you will then learn basic gold smithing skills to transform this into a beautiful, made to measure Claddagh Ring. You will leave with a beautiful and timeless Claddagh ring, made by your own hands, that you can treasure for years to come.


Who is this workshop for?

The workshop is perfect for couples looking for a unique and meaningful way to express their love, or for individuals who want to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery that honours Irish heritage.


How can you book your place?

Our workshop is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to reserve your spot today.

Click here for all class details and booking link.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic date night idea or a fun activity with friends, our Claddagh ring making workshop is sure to be a memorable and rewarding experience.


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the traditional art of Claddagh ring making and to create a meaningful and timeless piece of jewellery. Join us for our workshop and discover the beauty and symbolism of this beloved Irish tradition.



Our Top Tips for Getting the Most out of our Jewellery Making Classes.

Our Top Tips for Getting the Most out of our Jewellery Making Classes.

We know that starting a Jewellery Making class can be a daunting experience for some. It can help to know exactly what to expect before you decide to book.

Here are some tips to help make your jewellery making experience at Silver Works the best it can be.

How do I know which class is right for me?

Our no. 1 advice is to have a look at our full list of classes and courses before you book.

Decide what it is you’d like to get out of your visit to Silver Works – are you looking for a one-off creative activity for yourself and a friend or perhaps you are serious about your jewellery making skills and want something more advanced?

Every course on our site has its own thorough description and includes a FAQ section to help you understand exactly what to expect from each class or course.

Which classes are best for advanced jewellery making skills?

For those seeking to deepen their knowledge of jewellery making skills, we recommend our longer part-time courses such as our 5 week Introduction to Jewellery Making Course, our 9 week Design and Make Tuesdays or our Weekend Wax Carving Course.

These course are designed to teach some of the more intricate processes of jewellery making with guidance and support from our experienced teachers who specialise in specific techniques.

Which classes are best for a fun one-off activity?

If you’re looking for something more short term – perhaps something a bit different for a friend’s birthday or maybe a fun date night experience, we recommend our Forge a Ring Classes. These 2 hour classes run frequently throughout the week so booking a time and day that suits you is never a problem.

In these popular classes, you will learn the basics of an incredible ancient skill plus you walk away with a stunning handmade ring for yourself or a friend. The best part is, you don’t need to bring a thing with you. Aprons are provided along with complimentary tea,  coffee and chocolate nibbles.

These classes can be a great way to meet new people or if you have a team building event in mind, classes can be booked for as many as 12 people.

Can I keep the jewellery I make in class?

A question we’re often asked is, do I get to take home the jewellery I make in class? And the answer is YES! You can definitely take your masterpiece away with you to show off to the world.

*Please note Some classes may have an added charge for certain materials depending on what you choose to make.

Our final tip for those with questions about our classes is – just ask us! Our friendly team of experts will be happy to answer each and every question you may have about your specific class or concern.

For more information and to see our full list of classes click here.

To read what the Irish Times had to say about Silver Works, read here.

We look forward to welcoming you to Silver Works!




How we do St. Patrick’s Day at Silver Works

How we do St. Patrick’s Day at Silver Works

We want to tell you about all the exciting things we have coming up at Silver Works this month of March.

For those of you visiting our beautiful city for St. Patrick’s Day Weekend we are running our Make a Shamrock Charm class.

You can make your very own shamrock charm at our studio and enjoy some craic with a complementary glass of Guinness! We will teach you the metal smithing process of creating a charm in sterling silver and you can personalise your charm with different textures and add an initial to the disc. ☘️

How much are we talking?

€85 PP and you get to keep your gorgeous pendant/charm.

Why Silver Works?

Unlike traditional institutions, our priority is to help you learn & develop a new skill, not profit.

You will be taught by highly experienced goldsmiths, working within the industry who has an abundance of jewellery design experience.

What’s Included?

We provide Tea & coffee and some chocolate.
All tools and equipment, drills & aprons are provided for the duration of the course.

All the silver needed to make your charm, if you would like to purchase a chain to put it on we have them on offer at discounted prices or else you can put them on your own chain or bracelet.

After you have finished

That’s it –  your charm has been handmade by you! Add it to your necklace to wear as a pendant or add it to your charm bracelet as a keepsake of a time well spent! If you wish to purchase a necklace to add it to, we offer special discounts for our class goers – 20% off on all chains.

We really can’t think of a better way to spend two hours over this Paddy’s Day weekend.

So, gather your crew, phone a friend or come by yourself. We promise to give you a warm Irish welcome and a unforgettable creative experience.

What else is going on this March?

Also happening this month is our 5 Week Introductory Jewellery-making Course starting Wednesday 15th of March.

This course is perfect for those of you who want to immerse yourselves in a new creative outlet. It is especially suited to anyone serious about improving their jewellery making skills.

On this course you will learn:

⚒ How to make a plain ring band to your exact measurements.

⚒ How to drill holes using the micromotor and use the shaving technique of sawing.

⚒ Make the bezel set for your stone of choice using the gas tank to solder.

This course runs over a 5 weeks and costs €350. Click here for a full break down of what to expect on this fun and interactive course.

Our ever popular, Forge Your Own Ring classes will be running frequently throughout the month of March so you can always book at a time and date that suits you.

As with all our courses, our professional teachers will be here to guide you along the way.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Silver Works!












Why our Wax Carving Weekend is Essential for Aspiring Jewellers

Why our Wax Carving Weekend is Essential for Aspiring Jewellers

Silver Works Wax Carving

For those of you who are serious about your jewellery skills and want to know it all, our Weekend Wax Carving Course is an unmissable workshop.

What is Wax Carving and How it Works

For centuries, jewellery artisans have been sculpting their own jewellery designs from wax. This ancient technique dates back nearly 6000 years and is still widely used to this day by contemporary jewellery designers.

Beginning with a piece of jeweller’s wax, different techniques are used to file and carve the wax into your desired shape. Then, the wax is sent to a caster to be cast into metal. Finally, your piece of jewellery will be ready for the finishing touches such as polishing and gem stone setting.


How we do it here at Silver Works

To begin, you will start by deciding what you want to create.  You can bring your ideas into your first class or even email them on beforehand to get some feedback before you come in. We recommend that you bring in some images or simple sketches to articulate your idea, as this will make the most of your class time.

Ring Carving Kit Silverworks Dublin creative Gift Idea Handmade At Home Creative Ideas


The Wax Carving Process

You have the option to design a ring or a pendant. Once your design is clear, you will carve and file your design into the piece of wax. The wax is smoother and much nicer to work with rather than carving within the silver directly, this is why this technique is often used within the industry.

Once you’re finished carving your design, it’s then ready to be cast.

Jewellery Making Silverworks At Home Creative Activities At Home Ring Carving Jewellery Making Make your own Jewellery


From Casting to your Finished Pieces

Once we receive your carved wax ring, we send it off to a professional casting company who use an ancient process called “Lost Wax Casting” to cast your ring in silver. First a plaster mould is made of your wax, the mould is then placed in a kiln overnight to allow the wax to be burned out, finally molten silver is poured into the cavity where your wax used to be, creating an exact replica of your design! We then clean and polish your pieces so they’re ready to be worn.

Is  our Wax Carving  Weekend right for you?

Wax carving is an essential skill set for anyone who wants to explore the possibilities of jewellery design and making. It is also a great way to experiment with an affordable material and develop designs that are only possible using wax.


When and Where is the Course Happening?

Our Wax Carving Weekend happens right here in our Silver Works studio on Drury Street in the heart of Dublin. This two day course allows for plenty of time to bring your creative designs to life. Beginning on Saturday from 10 – 5.30pm and continuing on Sunday from 10 – 2pm. Our central Dublin location means there are plenty of lunch options to choose from.

*Please note: Finishing touches will be applied two weeks after your course weekend on a Saturday from 10-1pm, when you will be able to take home your finished piece!

You can learn more about the course details here https://silverworks.ie/weekend-wax-carving-course/

How to Create an Unforgettable Wedding Ring Story

How to Create an Unforgettable Wedding Ring Story

We all love a good engagement story, the proposal, the ring – we want to hear every detail of how it all went down. It’s one of those stories we find ourselves joyously sharing over and over with friends and loved ones. We keep it happily stored in our life tale archives to take out one day for the grandchildren. But what about the wedding ring story? Often it’s an unremarkable trip to the jewellers, nothing to shout about.

Wedding Ring’s Big Day

Here at Silverworks, we don’t want the magic to end and think it’s time that wedding rings got their own dreamy love story,  that’s why we created our Wedding Ring Workshop. What  better way to keep creating special memories in your pre-wedding adventure, than to make the rings that will adorn each other’s hands for the rest of your lives.

How it Works

Sitting side by side at our Silverworks workbench, you can share the experience of creating the most special piece of jewellery you may ever own. Even if you’ve never made jewellery before you can be assured that our team of talented and experienced teachers will guide you step by step through the making process so you can be sure to leave with something you will truly cherish.

 Why Handmade Trumps Shop-bought Every time

As a community of craftspeople and designers, we believe nothing beats handmade. We think having a ring made by the hands of your true love is handmade at it’s very best. The mark of the maker, the expression of love and care that is embedded in every piece. Every time you look at your beautiful ring, you will be reminded of your love for one another.

An Experience of a Lifetime

Our specially designed 4 hour Wedding Ring Workshop can be an unforgettable experience that is something truly unique. Dare we even say, your wedding ring story could eclipse your engagement story. Here at Silverworks we will certainly do all we can to make it a fun process that will hold a special place in your heart for years to come.

What to Know More?

Come and chat to us at the Wedding Ring Journal Live at Dublin’s Convention Centre on the 14th & 15th of January 2023 where you can ask all your questions to our expert. If you can’t wait till then, head over to our Wedding Ring Workshop FAQ page for all the details and book your place for the New Year.


Here’s How To Embrace Jewellery Making from Home

Here’s How To Embrace Jewellery Making from Home

Jewellery making from home is the experience you didn’t know you needed and here’s why.

Being that time of year where we are wracking our brains for gift ideas, consider the value of gifting someone a creative experience from the comfort of their own home.


When many of our customers hear about our jewellery classes in the heart of Dublin they are delighted at the options and convenience of our central location but we are well aware that there are many folks who would dearly love the ring making experience but cannot attend in person.


For those people, we have designed our at home Ring Carving Kit so you can enjoy creating your own beautiful piece of jewellery from the comfort of your own home.

Ring Carving Kit Silverworks Dublin creative Gift Idea Handmade At Home Creative Ideas


Designed by our experienced Jewellers and Goldsmiths our Ring Carving Kit will supply you with all the tools you will need to create your very own ring plus you will get access to detailed online tutorials guiding you step by step.


Some of us prefer to get creative on our own terms and on our own turf. Being at home and taking our time can really allow the creative juices to flow. Those who like to work at a slower pace and do the thing right can put as much love and care as they wish into each step of the ring making process.

Jewellery Making Silverworks At Home Creative Activities At Home Ring Carving Jewellery Making Make your own Jewellery

We have taken great care to create an at home experience that is valuable and fun. We know that having the perfect ring is all about sizing so for those of you that don’t know your ring size, we offer a ring sizing kit for just €5 including postage. For those who do, you can enter your size in the message box at checkout when purchasing your kit to be sure it’s right for you.


So you’re looking for a cosy and creative alternative to the slew of expensive and exhausting Christmas parties this festive season, look no further than our at home Ring Carving Kit. Creative activities for one or as a group can make for a fun and enjoyable night in.