The History of Silversmithing in Ireland

The History of Silversmithing in Ireland

The History of Silversmithing in Ireland

The history of silversmithing in Ireland is one that is steeped in anciency, and embroiled in conflict. For centuries, Irish silversmiths have created beautiful designs out of silver. As time went on, through the 17th century all the way through to the Celtic Revival, Ireland’s silversmiths have reinterpreted and innovated European trends to create our own distinct visual identity. Jewellery and silverware from across cities in Ireland even bore their own stamps, and featured their own unique individual style. 

For centuries our historical art remained hidden, kept safe during the plundering of Vikings and eventually forgotten in time. Their all-too-recent rediscovery has restored a fragment of our history integral to our artistic roots, and indeed, a key to understanding the true history of Ireland. 

The survival of Irish silver through the centuries forms the basis of inspiration for much of our contemporary jewellery, and also of the Silver Works jewellery making courses – sharing our expertise in our workshops allows us to keep this ancient craft alive, not just amongst our silversmiths but for anyone with a love for all things shiny and an itch to work with their hands! 

With our silversmiths leading the way, we want to keep this tradition alive and share an ancient Irish craft with locals and explorers alike. Whether you’re an aspiring silversmith looking to take our jewellery making courses, a bride-to-be looking for an eclectic Hens Night or simply a romantic soul who wants to make an engagement ring with your loved one, we truly have something for everyone. 

It’s truly something special, knowing that centuries on from the original master silversmiths establishing their trades, we have the opportunity to gather and spread the joy of our craft- And how beautiful, to think that a ring you have forged with your own hands, will survive through generations? 


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