Here at Silver Works, as ‘The Experience Creators’, we’ve put together our first-ever virtual experience and packaged it up so that you can enjoy creating your own ring from the comfort of your own home. The Ring Carving Kit is designed by our top jewellers and goldsmiths to supply you with all of the tools and knowledge necessary to create your own ring. 

The Ring Carving Kit is designed to be a fun, creative experience, a chance to explore a new skill, embrace creativity or even introduce a new career pathway to carry on outside of just the kit. The best part is you need zero experience in jewellery making or wax carving to enjoy it.

Once you have your kit and start your tutorial, our incredible Tutor will teach you, using different techniques, how to carve and file your design into the piece of wax. The wax is smoother and much nicer to work with rather than silver, the buttery material of the wax allows you to create textures and designs that you can’t create with metal. The wax is more sculptural and organic and this is why this technique is often used within the industry.

Have a look at a before and after example from one of our customers

Silverworks - Irish Jewellery Classes - Ring carving Kit 1      Silverworks - Irish Jewellery Classes - Ring carving Kit 3


Here are our top tips for using your Ring Carving Kit:

Take your time

Wax is a really easy medium to shape and design on but in the same regard, it’s very easy to get carried away and take too much off. Take your time and make every mark on that wax an intentional wax. It will be worth it in the end.

Take breaks

The blue wax can be difficult to look at for long periods of time and intense focus is tiring. Set yourself a time limit of 30-45 minutes of work time with a 15 minute break. Go outside, let your eyes focus on something else for a bit and then come back to it. It really helps!

Aim to file in one direction

When filing, its very tempting to move the file back and forth to just remove all that wax quickly. But in doing this, we tend to rock out files. On the wax this translates as a curved surface of a surface full of unintentional facets. To keep a surface flat, always aim to file in one direction. So place your file on the wax, file forwards, lift and reset before repeating. You will get a more consistent action and you’ll be able to see exactly what you’ve done with each stroke. Control is key!

Keep your index finger on the top of the file

For extra control with a file, always keep your index finger on the top of the file as you use it. It will keep it balanced and make for a nice clean filing action.


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