Wedding Rings Workshop

Crafting your sentimental wedding rings using heirloom jewellery is a meaningful way to symbolize your union.

Prices start from €150 to melt and roll down your metal. Steps for recycling your heirloom jewellery;

Select the desired width for your rings. Submit your existing jewellery for evaluation by one of our skilled jewellers at least three weeks before your scheduled workshop. Our qualified goldsmiths will assess your metals, examine hallmarks, determine the required weight for your rings, and identify recyclable materials. The Wedding Rings Workshop manager will reach out to you with the assessment results. Extra charges may apply if your metal requires stone removal, plating removal,  extra gold for the rings, or if you opt for a higher alloy, such as converting 9K gold to 18K gold.

Please be aware that if you have white gold, we will require additional gold to facilitate the bonding of the metals. Avoid bringing chains, as they contain excessive solder, posing a risk of cracks in the metal during the rolling process.

Any further questions please contact

Q. Can I use my old gold for our wedding rings?

A. Yes, please drop your gold into us for assessment.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. It costs €150 for the melt and roll. There may be extra charges if your old jewellery has any plating or stones.

Q. What is assessed exactly?

A. During the metal assessment our goldsmith checks the karat, weighs and calculates how much metal will be needed for your rings.

Q. How long does the assessment take?

A. 3 – 4 working days.

Q. When should I bring my old jewellery for assessment?

A. At least 3 weeks before your workshop date.

Q. Can my old chains be used for recycling?

A. Unfortunately, chains are not suitable for the melt and roll process due to too much solder in the metal resulting in cracks in the final result.

Q. Can I use my old white gold?

A. Yes but we will need to add fresh 24K gold which incurs an extra charge depending on the weight.

Q. I am not sure what Karat my metal is, can you test it?

A. Yes, we have the facilities to test your metal.

Q. How much metal do I need for a 2mm 18K yellow gold ring?

A. Approximately 5g

Q. How much metal do I need for a 2mm 9K yellow gold ring?

A. Approximately 3g

Isabel O'Farrell, January 2024

“Such a unique experience! Our teacher Audrey was excellent and helped us to create a beautiful piece of jewellery. Love how hands on it is and the fact that you learn so much about ring making along the way. Would definitely recommend!”

Aisling Keating, February 2024

“My Fiancé and I did the wedding ring workshop with Clodagh and Jill today, they were both amazing and so friendly. They put you at ease every step of the way and make it so fun. We both really enjoyed it and our rings turned out lovely, thanks so much!”

Stephen, February 2024

“My fiancee and I had a superb time crafting our wedding rings at Silver Works. Our instructor Clodagh provided an unforgettable experience answering guiding the forging process and answering our many questions. We’d happily come back to try another course”

Ignacio Cabeza, August 2023

“Incredible and amazing experience!

Audrey was fantastic with us, and I really can’t believe how good the final results are. We wanted to recycle the 18k gold from an old bracelet for our wedding rings, and they were happy to melt it for us, and share videos of that process so we can see the end to end transformation. Thanks so much for an unforgettable and perfect experience.”

Ian Corbally, February 2023

“Myself and my partner took part in the Wedding Ring workshop recently and it was fantastic. Both Audrey and Clodagh were fantastic teachers and very fun to work with. We were amazed with the quality of rings we were able to make and can’t wait to use them for our wedding. 10/10 would recommend.”

Tim Bergin, March 2023

“We did the wedding ring making workshop on 5/3/2023. We thought it was a nice thing to do, and kind of thought we’d end up buying rings for the actual wedding. But the rings have turned out so well that we are going to use and wear them!

The guys were so helpful and took on everyone’s separate design requirements! There were 4 people on the class and two helpers, and everyone came away with a very different ring based on their design choices.

We spent the extra on the 18ct gold and think it was worth it. The colour is amazing.”

Jessica Mullins, 2022

“If I could give more than 5 stars I would! We had the best experience making our own wedding bands, Audrey and Kayleigh were brilliant and guided us through the whole process with ease and were great craic to boot. Could not recommend this course highly enough!”

Caleb, 2022

“Had an amazing experience at the wedding band making workshop.

Even before the class itself, Stephanie was great, reaching out to go over everything from the metals we wanted to work with to the styles we were hoping for and answered all our questions along the way.

She is a great teacher as well, walking us through everything to make rings exactly how we wanted them while in a really fun environment. Time flew by as we got to learn a bunch of techniques to even include curves and textures. An awesome day and I’d highly recommend for any couples looking to do something extra special before the big day!”

Sarah-Jane Fortune, 2022

“My partner and I had a great time making our wedding rings at a recent workshop with Stephanie. She was a wonderful teacher and guided us every step of the way from helping us to choose our metals and styles before the workshop and all through to making the rings.

We were really happy with how they turned out and can’t wait until we can wear them! I’d highly recommend the workshop!”

Anna Duffy, 2021

“Brian and myself were excited to design and make our own unique wedding bands. Audrey was so giving with her knowledge and expertise. We had plenty of time and communication before the class to really discover exactly what we both wanted our finished bands to look like.

The day itself was so amazing and one I won’t ever forget. Audrey was attentive and made everything fun too. Even after with finishing touches and during these crazy times of the pandemic always kept us informed of progress. So Excited to wear them now If you are interested in anyway I’d encourage you to do it or even just get in contact.