Improvers Jewellery Making Course

This 4 week course is a follow on for those who have completed ‘The Introductory Jewellery Making Course’ or have previous experience of other courses and ongoing classes.

Is our 4 week Improvers Jewellery Making Course the right course for me?

Our follow on workshops are perfect to help you to continue to learn & grow under our experts.

We recommend that you have completed our Introductory Jewellery Course before undertaking this class, however, this isn’t compulsory.

This course is suited to you if you’ve undertaken a beginners course & would love to develop your skills further!

We pride ourselves on small intimate classes:

1. So that you, our students feel comfortable in your new explorations.

2. Our teachers can really get to know you and help and guide you through each class.

On completion of this course, you will have learnt:

  • To perfect your soldering technique
  • Build on your piercing and filing techniques
  • Hammer & punching to create surface texture
  • How to set a Flush gemstone setting
  • How to do cold connections such as riveting

Everything you make, you keep!

At the end of the course what you'll take away with you

  • A chain bracelet/necklace with a faceted stone flush set into it
  • A pendant made with mixed metals

Duration of Course

Our Improvers Jewellery Making Course is a 4 week course completed one day per week. 

Why Silver Works

Unlike traditional institutions, our priority is to help you learn & develop a new skill, not profit.

This is why we offer only 6 places within our bespoke courses, so you get the most out of each class!

You will be taught by highly experienced goldsmiths, working within the industry who has an abundance of Jewellery design experience.

How much we talking

The cost of our 4 week improvers course is €300 which includes basic materials and a 5mm faceted stone. However, if you would like to hold your place, you can do so with a deposit of €100!

Please note there may be a small surcharge, separate from the cost of the course, this is put towards the cost of the silver and extra materials you might need, this will be between €15 – €50, depending on what you decide to make. 

Our cancellation policy is as follows: you will receive 100% of your course fee if you cancel by email or phone more than 2 weeks prior to the course. If you cancel two weeks or less before the course is due to start, you will 0% of your course fee back. 

    What’s Included

    We provide Tea & coffee and some chocolate

    All tools and equipment, drills & aprons are provided for the duration of the course.

    Cancellation Policy

    Our cancellation policy is as follows: you will receive a refund of your course fee if you cancel by email or phone more than 2 weeks prior to the course, minus 10% administration fee.

    If you cancel two weeks or less before the course is due to start, you will receive 0% of your course fee back.

    Health and Safety

    We ask that you wear closed shoes. You will be provided with aprons to keep your clothes clean. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with us today at

    Áine Walsh , Aug 2021

    “This was so much fun! I was a little nervous going in as a beginner, but our instructor was very helpful and explained everything clearly. Definitely an experience I would recommend!”

    Ricardo Cofré, Sept 2021

    “I took a course of setting stones. It was absolutely useful for me. The work stations, the tools, and the space are excellent. The teacher is very didactic and patient. Thank you!”

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