Improvers Jewellery Making Course

This class is a follow on for those who have completed ‘The Introductory Jewellery Making Course’ or have previous experience of other courses and ongoing classes.

We pride ourselves on small intimate classes, this is so that:

1. You, our students feel comfortable in your new explorations.

2. Our teachers can really get to know you and help and guide you through each class.

Is This The Right Course For Me?

Our follow on classes are perfect to help you to continue to learn & grow under our experts. We recommend that you have completed our Introductory Jewellery Course before undertaking this class, however, this isn’t compulsory. This course is suited to you if you’ve undertaken a beginners course & would love to develop your skills further!

How Long Does The Course Run For?

We offer an 5 week course, the next course starts on Saturday, 24th of April, from 10:00am – 12:30pm.

Why Learn With Silver Works?
Unlike traditional institutions, our priority is to help you learn and develop a new skill, not profit.

This is why we offer only 6 places within our course, so you get the most out of each class!
You will be taught by a highly experienced gold-smith/ silver-smith with an abundance of teaching experience.

On completion of this Jewellery making course, you will have learnt:

  • To perfect your soldering technique
  • Build on your piercing and filing techniques
  • Hammer & punching to create surface texture
  • How to set a Flush gemstone setting

Everything you make, you keep!

What Is Included:
We provide Tea and coffee and chocolate!
All tools and equipment, materials, drills & aprons are provided.

How much we talking?
The cost of our 5 week course is €350, however, if you would like to hold your place, you can do so with a deposit of €100!
Please note there is a small surcharge, separate from the cost of the course, this is put towards the cost of the silver and other materials needed, this will be between €15 – €50, depending on what you decide to make.


Our next course is starting on Saturday, 24th of April 2021, if you would like any further information, please email 

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