Did you know our Forge a Silver Ring workshop is suitable for kids and teens from 10 years and up as long as they are accompanied by an adult?

Whether you’re looking for a bonding activity with your teen or an exciting birthday experience, our jewellery making workshops in the heart of Dublin city centre are perfect!

How it works?

Adults can choose to participate in the class themselves or only pay the accompanying adult fee of €25 euro while the young people get on with the fun of jewellery making.

Why jewellery making is perfect for young people.

Our jewellery making workshops provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere for students to explore the world of jewellery creation. With our expert instructors, teens learn essential techniques and have a blast. All skill levels are welcome, ensuring a rewarding learning experience.

Participants not only express their artistic side but also develop fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and a sense of accomplishment. Plus, they get to take home their unique creations as lasting mementos of their newfound skills.

Why it’s fun to create together.

It’s not always easy to find activities that both adults and teens will equally enjoy but our classes are perfect offer the perfect solution. Engaging in creative activities allows for free expression, relaxation, and positivity, making it an ideal way for young people to connect and make lasting moments.  Shared creative activities have been known to foster strong bonds whilst creating cherished memories too.

Are there any other Silver Works Workshops that are suitable for young people?

Our Make An Initialled Silver Charm or Pendant is also a suitable class for our younger students. All our other workshops are suitable for teens 16 years and up. To make sure the workshop you are booking is right for you and your teen, email us at info@silverworks.ie or phone us on +35316751818.

*We encourage adults booking this class to be mindful that younger participants need to be supervised as we work with professional jewellery making tools which can be sharp and need a level of responsible care in using them.

Book here and let your child’s creativity shine in our jewellery making workshops!