We all love a good engagement story, the proposal, the ring – we want to hear every detail of how it all went down. It’s one of those stories we find ourselves joyously sharing over and over with friends and loved ones. We keep it happily stored in our life tale archives to take out one day for the grandchildren. But what about the wedding ring story? Often it’s an unremarkable trip to the jewellers, nothing to shout about.

Wedding Ring’s Big Day

Here at Silverworks, we don’t want the magic to end and think it’s time that wedding rings got their own dreamy love story,  that’s why we created our Wedding Ring Workshop. What  better way to keep creating special memories in your pre-wedding adventure, than to make the rings that will adorn each other’s hands for the rest of your lives.

How it Works

Sitting side by side at our Silverworks workbench, you can share the experience of creating the most special piece of jewellery you may ever own. Even if you’ve never made jewellery before you can be assured that our team of talented and experienced teachers will guide you step by step through the making process so you can be sure to leave with something you will truly cherish.

 Why Handmade Trumps Shop-bought Every time

As a community of craftspeople and designers, we believe nothing beats handmade. We think having a ring made by the hands of your true love is handmade at it’s very best. The mark of the maker, the expression of love and care that is embedded in every piece. Every time you look at your beautiful ring, you will be reminded of your love for one another.

An Experience of a Lifetime

Our specially designed 4 hour Wedding Ring Workshop can be an unforgettable experience that is something truly unique. Dare we even say, your wedding ring story could eclipse your engagement story. Here at Silverworks we will certainly do all we can to make it a fun process that will hold a special place in your heart for years to come.

What to Know More?

Come and chat to us at the Wedding Ring Journal Live at Dublin’s Convention Centre on the 14th & 15th of January 2023 where you can ask all your questions to our expert. If you can’t wait till then, head over to our Wedding Ring Workshop FAQ page for all the details and book your place for the New Year.